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Online Istikhara for Marriage

Online Ishikara for Marriage

Online Istikhara for Marriage – A direct prayer to Allah ! Online Istikhara for Marriage, ” When problems comes in humans life they direct go to Allah to get the solution , Istikhara is that prayer which creates direct communication between humans and…


Wazifa for Inter-Caste Love Marriage

Love Marriage

Wazifa for Inter-Caste Love Marriage Wazifa for Inter Caste Love Marriage is the most important aspect for the people who are in love. Love we can say is the most beautiful feeling in the world, every human being run behind love in this…


Nikah Ke Liye Wazifa Or Amal

Nikah Ke Liye Wazifa

Nikah Ke Liye Wazifa | Wazifa For Marriage | Dua For Shadi Tarkib – “mukh mohini barma jaal wahi jagaye sar ko kaal” agasi tha ki chande chahe thak pila dun paw tale pad ja aasoyi hume tumhe hume ek khat bethana lakh…